What has been found in the quarry water? I have heard that some hazardous chemicals were being illegally dumped in the quarry years ago. It seems there is no aquatic life in the water. Is this due to the sulfuric acid and manganese content or something else?

Surface water collected from the mine pit indicated elevated levels of chromium, copper, cobalt, magnesium, nickel and zinc. Sediment samples collected from the mine pit had levels of arsenic, barium, chromium, copper and lead that exceeded laboratory detection limits.

The mine pit water has a low level of pH. Similar to backyard pools, too much or to little pH in the water can cause skin rashes and other skin ailments. In the case of the mine pit water, the low level of pH (a result of diluted sulfuric acid from the mine tailings) is causing the water to be unable to support and sustain aquatic life. As such, it is highly recommended that people keep away from the mine pit.

During our investigation of the miner pit water, ABB did not detect the presence of any manufactured chemicals, nor do we know of any such chemicals deposited in the mine pit.